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Takeaway Food Coventry

Did you know we've been busy lately and have loads of new takeaways in Coventry that have joined with  If you fancy a pizza you can try Casabian Pizza on Gosforth Street. Or if it's Indian that takes your fancy how about The Imran Balti Hut.  With more takeaway joining daily you can be sure to find what your looking for.

Fill My Belly Comes to Sheffield!

The Fill My Belly take away delivery service is expanding rapidly outward from it's Nottingham roots. The service has now spread to include Sheffield takeaways and those in the surrounding areas.

With the economy having taken a down turn at the moment, more people are staying in and eating in as opposed to eating out at restaurants. This has made the takeaway food sector very competitive - online ordering has opened up a new and convenient way for consumers to order food and for restaurants to connect with their customers.

For those new to purchasing takeaways online, here's a quick re-cap of the advantages over the ordering over the phone:

  • Quickly find all the takeaways in your area that deliver to you, simply by entering your postcode.
  • Order from multiple restaurants at the same time, combine food from different menus onto a single order (and only pay once).
  • Flexible payment methods - pay securely online using your credit or debit card, or using the more traditional cash and cheque.
  • Sort the choice of take aways available to you quickly by food type.
  • At-a-glance important details like opening hours and even user ratings.

Coming back to Sheffield take aways, our service operates in the majority of the Sheffield areas, covering the following postcodes: S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S10, S11, S12, S13, S14, S17, S20, S21, S25, S26, S35, S36. If you are unable to find a takeaway near you yet, don't worry - we are adding more restaurants all the time.

You'll find the selection of restaurants offering all types of take away food; pizza from Pizza Padrino, kebabs from Chinos to fish 'n' chips at the Food Station - all tastes are catered for.

As mentioned in the previous post, alcohol and cigarette delivery is becoming a popular offering with take away restaurants and is available in the majority of the Sheffield areas. To find restaurants offering this facility, simply input your postcode and make sure the cigarette and alcohol boxes are checked.

Alcohol & Cigarette Delivery

Something more and more take away's are adding to their menus - alcohol and cigarettes! The demand for late night delivery of these sought after items is growing and many Nottingham take aways are catching onto this trend.

Why is there a demand for this service? It's no secret that the demand for takeaway food is highest on Friday and Saturdays with many making this a social occasion and a chance to relax, therefore adding alcohol and cigarettes to the menu would seem to make perfect sense. Many will be familiar with the situation; the party's going down well and the alcohol moreso, but what are you to do when the alcohol dries up at midnight and the local shops within walking distance have long closed up? Who's going to want to leave the fun and get in more supplies? Along comes the alcohol delivery!

Others who might find this service useful:

  • Busy peoples who like to drink at home who are unable to get to the shops. This would especially include students who can't (or don't want to!) get to a shop.
  • Those without use of a car and who don't want to carry alcohol around with them on public transport.

The majority offering this service will deliver well into the early hours of the morning, and of course using the innovative Fill My Belly service paying by card isn't an issue.

New online takeaway service re-launches!

Popular takeaway ordering website FillMyBelly has had a makeover! The hugely popular Nottingham based service is set to expand into new areas and bring on board even more restaurants. For those who have not had the opportunity to use our service yet, FillMyBelly is an online takeaway food ordering service. We connect our users with their favourite takeaway restaurants virtually over the internet. This means that now, instead of having to trawl through your ever growing pile of takeaway menus, it’s possible to browse through your favourite takeaway’s selection of food and order at the same time, all on one website!

How does it work?

Using the site couldn’t be any easier! Simply enter your postcode and we show you all available restaurants that deliver to you. Select the type of restaurant you’d like to order from, and all available choices appear. Choosing your food couldn’t be simpler, and all the deals you’d usually find in the paper menu are available online. Using our service is completely FREE and the food prices you see are the same as ordering direct, all restaurants are required to offer free delivery (within their delivery area and subject to minimum order value).

Where is our service available?

FillMyBelly, initially available with just Nottingham take aways, is now expanding due to our huge success. You can now look up Sheffield chinese take aways, Birmingham pizza delivery and London indian restaurants amongst other places across the country. We are rapidly expanding, adding new areas and restaurants frequently. Check back with us regularly if we do not already deliver to your area. If you can’t find your favourite restaurant, you can help us by giving us their details and we will contact them.

New features

Our newly redesigned website has many improvements, including:

Multi restaurant ordering
Have you got multiple tastes to cater to and can’t decide on which restaurant to order from? We have the solution; a unique new feature allows our users to select food from multiple restaurants and to combine them on a single order. Most importantly, this allows one payment for multiple restaurants! We believe many of our users will find this a welcome feature.

Restaurant Ratings
Seen a dish you fancy trying, but not ordered from the restaurant before? Want to let others know about the fantastic meal you’ve just enjoyed? Our new ratings system will allow anyone to leave personalised feedback about their experience, as well as quick feedback using a 1-5 star rating.

Improved navigation and payment process
We’ve streamlined our navigation, making it quicker than ever to find a restaurant. In a few clicks you can be browsing and ordering from your favourite menu. Want to place an order the same or similar to a previous time? Easy! All previous orders are stored in your account to use time and time again.

Online Payments
We have tried to be as flexible as possible with possible payment methods. Many of our customers choose to pay for their order online with a credit or debit card. Online payment is offered even if the restaurant wouldn’t usually accept card payment! All of our restaurants are happy accept cash on delivery, and some may accept a cheque with cheque guarantee card.

These useful features as well our excellent customer service are why FillMyBelly already receives thousands of visits every week and continues to expand at a rapid rate. Why not give us a try soon and see what all the fuss is about!